Failure Mode Effect Criticality Analysis
For each feature and/or component we need to construct a complete list of potential failures.  These may include untimely operations, operational failures, and/or intermittent, erroneous, or missing output.  Here we provide a couple of examples showing event-based and data-based failures for Dronology.
Event / Data item Fault Type Description Effect Criticality
Route miscalculated (Event) Faulty Algorithm UAV’s route is miscalculated UAV flies into airplane. Catastrophic
Minimum separation distance violated (Event) Faulty Algorithm Minimum separation distance is not preserved between UAVs during flight. UAVs collide in midair Major
Payload is dropped (Event) Faulty functionality Payload is not properly attached to UAV Payload falls on a person below Major
Battery Level Indicator (Data) Faulty error detection Low battery is not detected UAV runs out of power and drops to the ground Major
Altitude level(Data) Faulty error detection Altitude reading is higher than the actual altitude of the UAV UAV flies into hilly terrain Hazardous

One potential failures have been identified design constraints (also referred to as mitigating requirements or safety requirements) must be specified.  Click here to learn more about mitigating requirements in Dronology.

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