You are welcome to use the datasets that we share here.  Our datasets represent both the static and runtime artifacts of the system.  We have not yet publicly released the runtime executable environment.  If you use our data for your own research project, please reference the following paper:

Jane Cleland-Huang, Michael Vierhauser, Sean Bayley: Dronology: An Incubator for Cyber-Physical System Research, New Ideas and Emerging Results Track, International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), Gothenburg, Sweden, 2018.

Dataset 02:
Released 12/20/21
We have released a new dataset consisting of use cases for UAVs performing emergency response.

The datasets are available directly from github:

Dataset 01:
Released 5/23/2018
Our first dataset consists of components, requirements, design definitions, tasks, and source code.    Source code is traced to design definitions (either directly or via tasks).  These links are created in two ways (1) explicitly by the development team, and (2) as jira ID tags to a github commit message.   The JSON file aggregates all code commits to the design definitions, however, the interactive view also shows links to tasks.  These tasks are then linked to design definitions.  Additional links are shown from design definitions to requirements, and from requirements to code.  These links were created manually by the development team in Jira.

You can download the JSON file here or see an interactive view of the data here.