In today’s world, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are becoming increasingly prevalent.  They are used to film sporting events, deliver commercial packages, provide medical supplies, survey farmland, and collect air samples.

Many commercial systems have come on the market for managing UAS flights; however, these systems tend to focus upon planning, monitoring, and controlling the flights of single UAS.  In contrast, Dronology focuses on  coordinating UAS in tasks where they either work collaboratively to achieve a goals or perform independent tasks in the same airspace. 

The Dronology project has several key interests:


This is challenging to achieve in a shared, airspace with potential for multiple, independently operated UAS. 

Runtime Monitoring

Where sUAS are monitored at runtime to ensure safety compliance.

Onboard Intelligence

Where sUAS are equipped to make intelligent, runtime decisions, that enable them to adapt to current contexts.

Please watch this space for more information on these areas of interest.

The Dronology project is based at the University of Notre Dame within the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.   It was launched in January 2017 and is currently in an incubation stage.   Dronology is managed in Github (currently in a private repository), with the goal for full public release as the project proceeds.   Further, the project will release research bundles — containing artifacts packaged in ways that support experimentation across diverse areas of Software Engineering.