We are preparing for the first major release of Dronology for research purposes.  We plan to organize Dronology artifacts in three ways:

  1. Releases of software artifacts by version.  Version 0.1 was released in early spring, 2018.  (See research datasets).
  2. Packages of selected artifacts organized around specific research topics and challenges.  For example, for software traceability purposes we will release multiple versions of source code, requirements, and validated trace links so support research in trace link evolution.  We will also release complete sets of trace links between diverse software artifacts to support traceability experiments across different types of artifact types.  Topical research packages will start to appear in Sprint 2018, shortly after the release of Version 0.1.
  3. Runtime environment downloadable via Github.  Some researchers are interested in using the runtime executables — to investigate topics such as runtime adaptation.  We plan on making Dronology open source as soon as possible.  We don’t have a specific date planned for this yet.  Contact us if you wish to collaborate on the project.
Research meeting. Collaborators from multiple universities leverage the Dronology infrastructure to support research in Safety Critical Software.

Development of Dronology is primarily funded by the USA National Science Foundation.