Notre Dame Team

Dronology is based at the University of Notre Dame — out of the Systems and Requirements Engineering Center (SAREC), which in turn is part of the Computer Science and Engineering Department.  The project is led by Professor Jane Cleland-Huang  and Dr. Michael Vierhauser.   We conceived of the Dronology project as a means of addressing the lack of research data and environments for studying safety-critical software engineering.  Jane Cleland-Huang is overall project lead.  Dr. Michael Vierhauser is the Chief Architect behind Dronology’s design and has driven much of the early development effort.

Dr. Jane Wyngaard leads the hardware arm of the project. She is a qualified UAV pilot with an Electrical Engineering background and many years of experience working with UAVs.     Dr. Jinghui Cheng has designed and supervised Dronology’s UI development.  His background in HCI and Game Play has shaped the UI design.

Michael Murphy, a professional software developer, based in San Francisco,  brings his prior knowledge of “tricky earth math” to the project.  He has masterminded many of the core algorithms at the center of Dronology’s functionality and has been a part-time developer on the project since the Spring of 2017.  Sean Bayley, is a PhD student at the University of Notre Dame working on research projects within the Dronology environment.

Student Projects: Dronology provides plenty of opportunities for student engagement.  Our Summer 2017 team included five undergraduates, one incoming MS student — in addition to PhD students and post-docs.  We look forward to more undergraduates joining our team in Summer 2018.  If you are an Undergraduate Student at Notre Dame or elsewhere in the USA and are interested in applying for a funded Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) please contact  Dr. Jane Cleland-Huang or  Dr. Michael Vierhauser or else apply directly here.

Summer 2017 REU Research Project

 From left to right: James Holland, Patrick Falvey, and Michelle Galbavy -- work to develop UI.   Joshua Huseman (Master student) shown on the right worked on the Ground Control Station.  Students stand in front of their SCRUM board - capturing all of the features they developed over the summer.

Quinlan McMillan

Quinlan McMillan, a Computer Engineering Major,  calibrates a 3DR Iris+ as part of his summer undergraduate research experience.  Quinlan also helped to set up RTK (more accurate GPS), establish UAV communications, and numerous other hardware related tasks.

Sean Bayley and Alex Madey

Sean Bayley and Alex Madey work at the Flying Field together to integrate Alex' collision avoidance algorithm into the current branch for testing.  Alex worked on the collision avoidance as a summer project -- and it is serving as a foundation for our ongoing Collision avoidance work.